As a Christian, you know you are commanded to forgive those who hurt you. But you may be struggling to obey if you don't know what Biblical forgiveness looks like.

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Video #1: 

Lie #1: Forgiveness means I condone the wrong done to me.

The first lie exposed is forgiveness means I condone the wrong done to me.

Video #2: 

The second lie exposed is forgiveness means I must trust the one who hurt me.

Video #3:

The third lie exposed is that forgiveness is a one and done event.

Video #4

Encountering the Healing Power of Forgiveness

We now are ready to encounter the healing power of forgiveness.

Shawn Lantz

Where was God during my deepest times of betrayal? Have I forgiven if I relive the pain every time I hear his or her name? Does forgiveness always mean reconciliation? If you have asked these questions, you are not alone. I developed this course and Bible study to find the answers about forgiveness in God's Word. Discovering what true Biblical forgiveness was transformed my life. Join my free course now and learn what Biblical forgiveness looks like!